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Founded by Yuri Matsumoto in Kyoto, the startup focuses on providing inclusive products for kids and their families. The Ikou portable chair was the first product ever released.

Our designers teamed up with Yuri-san in 2019 to design products better suited for her son who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. We identified the opportunity to create a versatile seat that would allow kids to spend more time outdoors while feeling comfortable. 


We decided to create a brand that communicated to a wide audience, and portrayed disability under a new light. The product made a strong impact on the lives of their families, allowing them to spend more time together. Ikou was successful in securing funding for development, and is currently used by many restaurants around Japan. The chair has since won the Good Design Award in 2022.


Industrial Design

Brand Strategy

Design Research


Ikou Portable Chair

The seat can be used at home or on the go, intended for infants who experience difficulty maintaining a sitting position on their own. We prioritized support, size, safety and weight to create a reliable companion. Halu and our team went through multiple iterations of different seat shapes to properly support a wide range of body types and conditions. This project was developed prior to the Strays Collective, produced by IDEO and designers from our current team. 

The inclusive Seat

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