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In 2015, Ford was seeking to understand the future of their most popular vehicle. The goal was to create a user experience (UX) vision for the next generation F-150. The main challenge was clear; how can we reinvent this car and satisfy the huge fan base? A massive team contributed to a 6 month program that culminated in a full-scale vehicle prototype and immersive collaboration space at Ford's Michigan base.  We became involved in every part of the process; created, designed and tested over 40 different features and directions. Five years later, Ford released their first full electric pickup truck, F-150 Lightning. The results of our work can be seen in the features, inside and outside of the vehicle. 

Two different stories are at the core of the F-150 experience and tradition– the truck being key to everyday life with trips to the outdoors and also being an essential tool at the worksite with its physical demands and unpredictable turn of events. We focused on both use cases, solved existing problems and developed new features to create new value.

The Lightning extends the digital life of its drivers to their real life on the road. The phone turns into a remote control for monitoring or configuring aspects of the vehicle. The Frunk is a dry storage for sports equipment and other valuable possessions that people don't want exposed to the elements.

We had the chance to interview and repeatedly test ideas with 12 people to understand their concerns and hopes regarding well-being and skincare.

For contractors and other commercial truck users, the Lightning will be able to power electric saws, tools and lighting. This potentially replaces and reduces the need for generators at work sites. The new truck has up to 11 power outlets.

The F-150 Lightning hits the roads February 2022 and is one of the most anticipated electric vehicles for the US market. Pre-orders of above 200,000 units have confirmed the interest in the electrification of America's most popular car. This project was developed prior to the Strays Collective, produced by IDEO and designers from our current team.