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The Doorbell is the latest product in Simplisafe's home-security range. In a joint-effort, our teams developed a unique design language that amplifies and reinforces the brand. While the doorbell is the first impression when entering a home it also needs to fit the same features as the rest of the product line. The result is a device that pairs beautifully with every front door, from the most modern to the most rustic.

The challenge was hiding the numerous sensors that allow the device to gather a great amount of data behind a clean aesthetic that is easy to use and reliable. After numerous iterations, we landed on a simple pill shaped design, which uses circles as defining shapes. The metal-spun bell button with a hidden LED array adds a sense of quality and precision.

The Simplisafe design language as a whole communicates trust, precision and approachability. The range includes: fire sensor, motion, window, water, glassbreak sensors, indoor camera, base station, keypad, keyfob and alarm.

We had the chance to interview and repeatedly test ideas with 12 people to understand their concerns and hopes regarding well-being and skincare.


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